Ohio House votes to block local bans, fees on plastic bags


Follow suit the government is set to run out of money on December seventh and the president is demanding five billion dollars for a border wall be included in any funding. Bill radio six ten WTVN. Sports basketball block is in action tonight against Syracuse in the big ten ACC challenge which heads into the. Final night tied at four wins. Each. In addition to the game a special moment plan in the shot for a former coach Phil on that in twenty minutes. Football buckeyes continue preparations for the big ten title game against northwestern. OSU six in the playoff poll MBA caps in Oklahoma City from the central Ohio Honda dealers sports desk, Matt McCoy. Downtown to be aware of one of them six seventy eastbound ramp to seventy one north the other six seventy west at. Allison wyatt. Stay connected to Columbus on the hour at the half. And as news breaks, increasing clouds tonight. We'll see lows of twenty five there will be a chance of flurries. Tomorrow morning, turning to a mix of rain and snow in the afternoon. Temperatures hovering around thirty seven currently it is twenty seven degree. I can't believe that fell. Again. What does early onset dementia means there's no way mom can handle this on her own homecare option. He's not coming home. Let nursing home should we choose ten thousand dollars a month? Medicare will pay won't they what about Medicaid is mom gonna lose the house. Will we lose stats IRA? Should I transfer his theft of the kids veterans benefits these benefit applications are so confusing Arthur attorneys that

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