NBA Trade Deadline Roundup: All the action you need to know


Now, it was a little bit quiet as well in the I would say the the two hour range before the NBA trade deadline. I was procrastinating finishing my column, of course, what else is new. And so I was looking at Twitter and refreshing and try to figure out whether or not any moves had been made. And it was eerie. It was really eerie at that point. But there was a flurry of activity right before the deadline. So in that final hour Nico mirror attached to the bucks. So they bolster their three point shooting Marcus, Saul who was very close to landing in Charlotte. Instead ends up with Toronto. If you missed my conversation with Greg Brady some morning show host on the fan five ninety. Well, we talked to him. Let me just let me just summarize my conversation with Craig Brady I asked him so with the change at head coach. And and of course, bringing in Kuwait Leonard in the off season Marta rose, and is gone now Yoenis Vallon Schuman's valid out Marcus all is in. How much has changed with the culture? This is very earnest question. Right. How much has changed with the culture of the raptors the season his response. Well, LeBron has gone. So a lot has changed. Okay. So maybe maybe the raptors are overcompensate, and maybe they're not. But I think if you look big picture Eastern Conference while we're talking about it. The fact that it's the Sixers who make the move for Tobias Harris. It's Mark assaulted the raptors at its Nico mirror attached to the bucks. These three moves are all for the here. And now they're for the present there about winning that conference. Now, I know the Celtics didn't make a move. Their lineup is got a lotta pieces that they're still trying to make sure they can get all on the same page, but no glaring weaknesses in the case of the Celtics. So you got those four teams, but the three that make the moves are about winning now. Whereas in the Western Conference monitor move here and there nothing super serious. Most of the teams as the dust settles on this trade deadline. Most of the teams. Are about positioning themselves for the future whether through shedding cap space, no shedding shedding cap commitments and making cap space. Aiming is what happens when you talk to fasten a Friday morning and get excited and also shedding, unwanted or bad contracts. So that's the idea for most of the teams in the NBA. And I mentioned this stat. I got it for Matt Moore NBA insider for the action network who joined us on our last show the possibility is there for forty percent of the NBA to be in free agency in a few months forty percent. And we're talking about massive names now. Kevin Durant could be part of that conversation, or he could not Klay Thompson could be part of that conversation or he could not. Jimmy, Butler, probably going to be part of that conversation. So there there's some ebbs and flows there as well. Where you don't exactly know, which guys will sign contracts to stay where they are in which guys will actually hit free agency. But generally, the big names wanna be wooed. They want wanna be booed. And so there's a lot of potential for the balance of power to shift in the off season at it. I think it's pretty obvious. When you look at the NBA in his trade deadline that most of the moves that were made were not about. Now, they're about down the road. A handful of these teams in the east because the east is I don't want to say, it's a wide open. But there are a few teams there that you feel like it wouldn't be a huge surprise if they ended up winning the conference and getting to the NBA finals. Everybody gets a trophy. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. You know, what that actually makes me think of the whole winning and losing the trade deadline. So you in the east or all? Where for the most part the rest of you want wall. So coming up, we're going to talk a little more about the night in the NBA. Because even though the Lakers did not get Anthony Davis. And I think you look back now, and you realize the pelicans were screwing with them. They weren't actually interested in making a deal with the Lakers. They just wanted to see how much they could get it. As it turns out, even with the extra picks and five bodies, they weren't going to make that deal. They didn't want to make that deal. What they wanted to see is how much the Lakers were willing to offer. And now how can we spin that forward into a potential offer for the Lakers in the off season? But also, how can we use that to get packages from say the Celtics or if he was serious about the buck side of the clippers. So we're talking about really just using that desire that desire to bring an Anthony Davis against them. The pelicans will play Davis the rest of the way. So at least we have that question answered. But what about the Lakers the damage has been done? I get that the moves were made. But the fact that LeBron and Magic Johnson LeBron's agent were willing to literally slice and dice the locker room and ship half of his teammates out. That's not something that you get over quickly. It's not. And so the deadline may be passed. But the drama remains. Although a buzzer beater, sometimes it can help make

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