Chelsea's split season is a concern for Maurizio Sarri



Murcia sorry. And it's funny. There's this. There's this kind of like inflection point as to whether or not sorry has done a very good job so far for Chelsea or whether or not he's turning into a disaster. Not just with performances on the field, but probably more. So with with comments that he's making and just like bringing so much of whatever sort of backroom strife there is just like thrusting it right out into the public. And you can only do that. Once if you're looking for a reaction, a manager can only do that once right? If he keeps doing that. Well, at that point dressing room is known to I it's time to bring a new players right that that's it's just as simple as that so gap Marcatti was defensive of sorry, and what has gone on so far and Steve Nicol was not. And here's some of their conversation. Pep Guardiola finished fourth in his first season, you want something funny. Go look where you're gonna call up was when he'd have more time at the end of his first season Liverpool. This always happens if people do things differently sometimes they work, sometimes it works. And then we applaud them sometimes it doesn't work and then they lose their job. And that's what's going to happen to Saudi it doesn't if us job. But to go out and dismiss it. It didn't come on. You want pets? Name cintas, focus. It took responsibility spoke sensibly in through any of the boss. He didn't he didn't. Steve get away with this spoke sensibly thing about pet. God y'all because remember when he came out, and he said, what is thing China, we entire everything thing? Pet monkeys. Do you go? Football men, proper managers. Just get works. Great doesn't it? Yeah. That's right. That's right. Well. I agree with gab to the extent that somebody comes in football and those things differently. You're told conform straightaway. Pep didn't conform, although he did go out and spend three hundred million dollars on like fullbacks. But there is a certain on gab references. They're a proper football nine the guide the way to do things, and he has veered off it, and he's kind of cues and Stevie Nikola bean that guy I would say that gab is the very man quoted on this podcast last week who said the following the siree system works. Are you look for new manager meaning siree plays this way? It's not changing. That's just an inflexibility not so much that he's trying new things rather that he's committed with the old thing, and he can't change anything new. But that's way, you'll get the sack, but the problem I don't think is even necessarily if everything was the same like Chelsea right now are sitting fourth and they're preparing themselves to take part in a in the League Cup final. Like if all of that was the same and sorry was just behaving normally off the pitch. Then I don't think we'd really be having this conversation but St.. You heard Steve Nicol, they're referencing. The fact that sorry is turning them into a circus. That's where the problem is. I think people would be understanding of Chelsea situation. You know, a new manager he came in late doesn't have as players and yet look what happened. He just brought in Gonzalo Egoyan. They went five nil over the weekend and wing scores twice. So people would be understanding of Chelsea, and maybe even maybe even praised on after defeating Spurs over two legs to richly Cup funnel. But it's the fact that sorry we just played Craig Burley talking about how this managers come in pushed out arguably the best not arguably the best player on the team.

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