Deepening Virginia political crisis threatens Democrats' hold on governorship


Political crisis in Virginia spun out of control on the state's attorney general confessed putting on black face in the nineteen eighties. California woman went public with detailed allegations of sexual assault committed by the Lieutenant governor governor Ralph Northam career already hanging by threat over racist photo in his nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook. The days developments threatened to take down all three of Virginia's top elected officials all of them. Democrats. A new admission in Virginia with the democratic attorney general, Mark herring. Second in line to be governor saying he wants were black face to a party. It's the third scandal involving the state's top three Democrats in just a matter of days. Richmond Virginia since the three top elected Democrats. Here are all involved in scandals. There's an outside chance the GOP could take control of the governorship house speaker. Kirk Cox, a conservative Republican is fourth third line to become governor political analyst Larry Sabato at the university of Virginia. Landslide for the Democrats in two thousand seventeen and they very nearly took over the legislature as well. I don't believe the citizens have Virginia would stand for having a Republican become governor herring who had called on northern to resign left. Open the possibility he might step down as attorney general something governor north has not done.

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