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And I figured you'd have a take on that with the evolution of the shotgun position. Defames it really love football. Go back into the forties with the mad magicians the Fritz Kreisler teams. I mean, deception was unbelievable. You they had they had A a. single wing tailback. And then the full-back was right next in like, they are now kind of split, you know, like one was a little deeper than the other. They would snap the ball to the to the fullback, and he would spin around, and then they would have guys crossing in the backfield and trying to find the ball because his back was to the line of scrimmage and all this deception was going in behind and they would do great jobs of faking. So it it was a fascinating fascinating offense by hard to defend things are a little different now. But still a lot arts key the guard. He the guards said something ours. Always take it to the ball. You'd be looking back. They're trying to find the ball you were in deep trouble. So you always watch the gun, and they would get you every once in a while the guards have pulled it'd be a misdirection. But but ninety percent of the time you followed the guards he would take you to the ball. So as as much as things evolve in football, read, your keys region, read your keys, right? And that's why. Now, a lot of the deception that you see that a coach is trying to do. It'd be like. Jim and coach Warner's coming up with a unique way to use his guards on a play. That is not the play. They're running just to make you think it's one play, and it's actually a different play because you have to read your keys, and if your team the fullback better watch out, if you're keying in running you got you have to have key breakers in your game plan in order to confuse the defense, somewhat regia keys. He's gonna take one thing out of this. Jack Reed your last week we had fail forward this week. We have adopted read your case. And now here's Jack from October talking about trying to recruit Jim Abbott the football player Jack Harbaugh. Tell the story now Jack Harbaugh actually recruited Jim Abbott the football player. And of course, Jim was a great punter and kick punter and quarterback at Flint central being it's horrific pitcher. So Jack, why don't you tell us about your recruitment of Jim Abbott? Of course, Jim Abbott at that time was one of the the renowned names and all of Michigan athletic high school Michigan athletics. And Fred Dekker was the baseball at western and told me that he was recruiting Jim to come there and threats any head a partial scholarship, I maybe a half scholarship that they didn't offer. I don't think foles or there weren't many falls being offered. Then that I remember and asked me what I thought I said I guarantee you whatever you're giving him. I will I will match it to make sure that he has a full scholarship, and what what we were recruiting as he would've punter. He could've punted at any major football school in the country and possibly had a pro career as a punter, but he also was a quarterback. And can you imagine no playing with a with a one one hand? But he was a very very good quarterback. They ran anything that you'd want to run through ball. No. Of course. A great arm that he had and also by remember, they ran it just a little bit of option to, but but he was very very talented quarterback. And I just felt that he would be a tremendous asset to our team. And we thought for a while for it. And I thought that our ark deal would be good enough to get him to come to western Michigan. But but he came to Michigan. And as I say he made a tremendous decision made a tremendous choice and so happy for his career. But the one thing that I'm most disappointed with with Jim Abbott is he pitches. No hitter, the New York Yankees and fantastic accomplishments in itself, but it happened to be against my beloved Cleveland Indians. So so my heart is a little heavy that the Indians gave up the no hitter, no hitter. But it couldn't have been to a to a greater competitor. That you up next a little more. Jack talk here in each day, the.

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