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I went away to Kansas state university for a year year and a half trying to play baseball out there and hit a little bit of tragedy. Rafter senior year had some friends die in a car crash. I got run over by a boat. That's a true story. Get a lot of people that have semi questions wanting me to do an episode talking about that because it's on my bio Tonio Rene dot com, and I'll do that at some point. But literally got run over by a boat and kind of put me down all summer, and then had some friends get Diana car-crash. So I've got to Kansas, and I'm just recovering from this this surgery and been kind of told to good old classic. You'll never quite run. Again, some trying to play baseball show everybody, and it's not going as well in from home. And there was a little movie theater and the movie theater played. It was dollar movies at the time. This is way back in the late eighties quite early nineties late eighties. And just when I go into the movie, I would just, you know, transfix transforms never thought about anything else outside when I walk outside of the movie theater. It was it was disappointing was like okay back to reality. Right. So anyway, movies hold a special place to me. So my wife, and I love to go see movies. And but in a lot of people like to say, we'll movie isn't a shared experience that there's not connection there. But I was thinking about this as I was discussing this with the with the friend and go back to this second fantastic beasts in the crimes are grennell wall. So I wanna go because I love movies, and I love my wife, and we're gonna have the shared experience. It's nice to get away. Nice to drive there together all those good things. So what do we do? We can't quite remember what the first one was

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