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See that that joy in their faces. Swimmers talked to finish in the summer games. And the winter games. You have Bob sledders ski jumpers, and the winter games are really cool because the winter games, you think about there's only one sport in the winter games that you don't do on a skate or aboard. Curly. Other than that. Every other sport the goal is let me strap something that's gonna make me go as fast as possible on the slippery surface possible and try to beat the other person in a race. So when you think they're intimidate thought, every sport, it's absolute insanity. But it really really incredible experience to see it be part of it and understand that the world the world truly comes together for that brief stretch. And I think you guys did a great job this year. I got caught quite a bit of the Olympics. And. You know, a lot of the competitions. I mean, you've got us. You've got us to the competitions. Right. When they were when they were going to get to see, you know, the the skating and. The skiing, and and I I like the stories too. I like the behind the scenes started like Lindsey Vonn story was great with her grandfather. And they're getting into the getting their into skiing and everything, but I I think you really had a had a hit a sweet spot of really getting out there to the competition too. And we thought we thought it was going to be hard. At least I did from afar because the Olympics a thirteen hour time difference from here to Asia. It was the first of three games in a row in Asia winters in South Korea, the summer coming up in twenty twenty s in Tokyo, then the following winters in Beijing twenty twenty two but that thirteen hour time zone means it's live in the morning over there is live in prime time here. So that helped us do that allow so we were able to be live and get people right to events and just like people sit in the big house. It's third and two and they'll be watched they'll go. Well, why did this have that? They don't know that you guys been working on that in the spring. And you've watched a hundred plays of how Notre Dame defend third short. MVP ready for SMU comes in. And what did they do the last two years in these situations? People don't know that people don't know. And they watched the Olympics that there's somebody in our headquarters in Stanford, Connecticut right now, working on the minute by minute event schedule the Olympics to say guys will have a window from nine to midnight eastern time that we can get live to swimming. And so you gotta know what the planning is intricate. That's why TV people and football people think we like each other a little bit because the intricate planning for everything that could possibly go right or wrong is the difference in your success or failure. And usually if there is a failure that comes from lack of preparation somebody passage. Bye. Yeah. Or you can't live with it. I just I get I get enthralled with the split times. You know, they're going down. They're going down the slope or they're doing the Bob sled. You've got all the different split times. And it's so exciting. It sounds second. Just gonna make up a second this. He can do. On this middle run. I mean, how many zeros do you go to to some some that go to three tenths three at two thousand of that a text. Text pops up on security to the always got exciting inventions to go with the first and ten line college football on TV was the lines. They put in the swimming for world at Olympic Gregor's, Jack. Yeah. See how? Oh, now, he's closing in on like, oh, man..

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