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Story is. But I have a story. Every child of God. We've been redeemed. Brought out of darkness has the story. I'm glad praise the Lord for what God has done. What he's doing? And what he's going to do. I'm certainly grateful today for my place any. I'm glad praise. The Lord for the story. One who came from glory condescended down and become ma'am. Share is blood for all mankind. I'm just grateful for that today because here's death. Allowed us to know what he turn a life. We can have. Let's give them order hand clap appraised today. To be in the house of the Lord is David should. I was always glad to be in the house of the Lord. You said we shall be sheriff's fide with the goodness of God's house. Every child of God niche defined something about the house of God. That is good. It might just be a storefront apostolic church. No, big Oedipus. But it's the house of God. And David recognize that and he was able to worship God and magnify God. He was a man after God's own heart. We're grateful today for any. We didn't come in form and fashion. We just grateful to be here today. We will be leaving here. Shortly to go back to New Zealand, and we just wanted to stop and and worship the Lord with you. I've learned over the years. I'd never have to preach every place. I go. Someone else can just get up and have a testimony. And I thought it was a preacher Mony. But encourage from what someone else says praise the Lord and head I preach that day. I wouldn't have heard what they said. And so we are helpers one of another. We're not going to be before your very long today. We had a little difficulty getting here this morning yet. God allowed us to make our way. We want to direct your attention this morning for just a few minutes. We covered your prayers seemed like every time. Preachers are funny folk. Just.

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