Henry Cavill Isn't Done Playing Superman

/Film Daily


What do you think about Henry Cavill superman? I know that obviously he hasn't always been in the greatest movies the greatest like the the movies around him have not always been the best. But what do you guys think about him and his take on the character issue? What do you think I think can rekindle is actually a great superman, and he has not been blessed with good superman movies, but in the there have been moments where you see that there's much potential or him as the hero, especially in amber the first scene for scenes in Justice league. And then when he returns. Justice league. I guess spoilers for people who have not seen. He really shines in that as that character. And you see the the the optimism and the the cheesiness that I think is inherent with superman. So I think that he's been he's good in the role. He hasn't really been given the chance to get a good grasp on the character yet. But I would have liked to see him. Stay just because I think he's good casting. Even if his movies have not been great. It's I mean if Jason memo is right, then maybe we'll see him. Again, brad. What do you think about Cavs performances? I think that capital is pretty good as superman, but the the biggest problem is that he hasn't really been given the opportunity to play the superman that I think people want to see and we got a little bit of a taste of that injustice league where he was a little bit more playful a little bit more fun after he went bad for that CNN and fought everybody else in the Justice league. But at this point, I almost would rather just see Henry Cavill do other things, you know, he was fantastic in mission impossible. You know, he's got that new Netflix series of the winter. Coming up. And so I feel like just letting him go and do something else.

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