Did Georgia cancel the registration of 100,000s of voters?


The state of Georgia's election infrastructure. I'd issue in Tuesday's runoff election. For secretary of state USA radio's Chris Barnes with details. The runoff election for Georgia's secretary of state pits. Republican state Representative Brad Robbins burger against former democratic congressman John barrow. Neither one more than fifty percent of the votes on election day at stake in the runoff the ability to reshape the state's election system, which came under a national microscope during the recent race for governor between Democrats Stacey Abrams. And Republican secretary of state now governor elect Brian Kemp Rapids burger is defended how Georgia cancelled the registrations of hundreds of thousands of voters and he says, you'll make sure only legal citizens can cast ballots. Barrow says changes are needed. But he says well Georgia does a pretty good job of keeping people from cheating. It does a lousy job of making it easier for people to

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