Young Russian Musicians Struggle Under Government Scrutiny


Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from Comcast business having the nation's largest gig speed network was just the start. Now, they're providing gig fueled apps and solutions that exceed expectations and help businesses perform Comcast business beyond fast back in the days of the Soviet Union. The government tried to control everything from the way. Young people dressed to the kind of music. They listen to well now generation is coming of age that was born after the collapse of the communist system. Young Russians are rebelling against the rules and regulations of the Putin regime through rap music. Here's NPR's Lucian Kim from Moscow at the end of November Dmitri Kuznetsov a twenty five year old rapper known as husky made headlines when thirty stopped him from performing the southern Russian city of Krasnodar. Husky jumped onto a parked car outside the club and started rapping with fans before being hauled off by policemen. It has latest track poem about the motherland. He raps about the hardships in his gritty hometown eastern Siberia. The book. With McCain skis arrests set up a wave of protests by Russian musicians, but also sparked even more concert bands across the country. The 'electronic music duo ice peak who jokingly call their work audiovisual terror or detained by police at the Novosibirsk train station causing them to miss a scheduled gig their troubles began after they posted a macabre video on YouTube called death. No more. Gutty than me. Yes. Martha sad. I see video lead singer and a C Chris Lynn described setting herself on fire in front of the Russian government building. And things that are blood is pure than the purest drugs on us Puccio obsessionally could heap. It's a descriptive video. We're not revealing anything new in it. We're just saying out loud, the things that people would like to say, but they're afraid to describe the state of mind of a person of our generation who really has nothing to look forward to and can't expect any changes Christly and our partner nNcholas Kristof are both in their mid twenties. Coastal says that young people who may not have cared about politics before are now paying attention because their music is being targeted and what connects young people everywhere he says is the internet systems, Moses due to them. Slow shoots, everyone watches YouTube. Listen to the same American rappers and follows the same TV show that we have a lot in. Common with people our age around the world, I'm more like some guy my age in Mexico than my neighbor, who's two generations older Costello might as well be. Speaking about President Putin who sixty six years old the uproar over the band concerts was so loud, it even reached Putin's attention during a meeting with cultural figures mope approaches than than to get the said rap Brisson three pillars sex, drugs and protests. He said simply banning concerts would be counterproductive, but added that the government's job is to lead and guide youth culture. It wasn't long before a video appeared on YouTube sampling Putin's words into a wrap of zone. Yes. Six. Six. Gil in a meal. Ch- Inca says young people in Russia's large cities are already culturally oriented toward western Europe and follow global trends. When you call my three two. Melting because his communication between the government and young people is broken down because they live in two parallel worlds. She says the authorities are still molded by the Soviet impulse to regulate but that their attempts are bound to fail since Russia's youth cultures diverse and very hard to control Nikolai custody of the group ice peak can confirm that moving his throat on the some dude of discipline says even though half the concerts were canceled on their last tour. They returned home with new inspiration their fans, he says really want to make a change for the better in Russia. Lucian Kim NPR news Moscow. That. With on the McGill. The.

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