(Episode 113)


Misspeaking, please. Tell me is is five eight five nine under size for cornerback. Or is that just about right because I hate to say undersides because it's about the players will be about the size of the weight, or whatever, I guess, it's. Is it? I mean because you've got I feel like so much out of your Billy Wright you played you play like a guy that was so much tolerant so much bigger. I think is all predicated on the style of football being played. Now by me saying that this is what I'm trying to say if I cost routers, the office is always chasing offense. Now, a lot of people may not be paying attention to this. But because of the rules of the game becoming more aerial look at the height but receivers they're going down. You know, you see Julian adamant, he's Ditto Brandon couth Ditto. Whereas before they will go of all thieves in the winning is that it would've defense is going to do like how wrong, you know, if the robbers are getting it a fast car, guess what do the cops guy get into fans car? So if the office go onto toll receivers, the defense got to go to visit bags so at the time when I came through it was era where you know, receivers were like six more. One down where you most adulting receivers. And also it made me legitimate was a sack that not only was my behind was was a where should be. Even time lot. They tell lots of great bet tie was like five eleven and the whip made me stand out was my vertical by vertical is right. Forty inches about all span when I stick my arms out from side to side. The scout said that my measurement was dad of a six foot quarter. Would I go to jail receiver? If a cyclical if front of the Maastricht idea to Twitter five like twenty two thousand to come. But the guy on the counted them seventeen you know, I'm like a couple of my lock out that I locked about ways. But did I have speed and creek was lateral movement? So again, using it ten items if there was ten items discounts were looking for they probably see Tyrone guy. Lease eight nine of what we're looking for in a corner. Huge heart. I mean, I don't think I've ever seen every almost every patriot game. I don't think I've ever seen you mail it watch a game. Whether it's baseball or football, or whatever basketball, you see somebody, you know, they're not giving their best. I don't think I ever ever seen. You take a playoff? You are always at one hundred percent always giving everything you had. And I and I know because we're speaking it sounds maybe like I'm buttering up or I'm patronizing. I honest to God, I have never seen you take a playoff. You. Always you. Always you always busted your ass.

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