For Bud Light, A War Between Taste and Calories


Business wars daily is brought to you by Pitney Bowes, and send pro online shipping can be complex with the uncertainty over costs and deciding which carrier to use plus tracking your packages things can get confusing. Stay tuned to the end of the show to find out how Pitney Bowes and send pro online can save you time and money and to get a special offer just for listeners of the show. From wondering, I'm David Brown. And this is business wars daily on this Friday February first happy Super Bowl weekend. Everyone the Super Bowl is of course, a celebration of spiking smashing and snacking. But this Sunday as you Nahshon, nachos and toast. Your team Anheuser Busch hopes you'll take a moment to consider the calories in your beer. Yes. You heard that? Right. The makers of Bud Light are voluntarily adding nutrition labels to their brews in an effort to flaunt the one advantage. They think they have over craft beers low calories and the label will show off something else. The company's proud of a short list of what it claims her high quality ingredients for far too long people have been less to wonder what ingredients are in their view as your leader. That handsome leader. I put an ingredients label on every case of Bud Light this way. The people will be sure that the kingdom's favorite light lager is brewed with the finest ingredients. It was really great. Did you get that supposed to be writing that? Now, it wasn't until twenty sixteen that brewers began putting ingredient labels on beer, and even then the voluntary lists weren't comprehensive. Now. Anheuser Busch is posting a more thorough label on Bud Light more like the USDA required. Labels on packaged foods in hopes that you'll trade in say a bottle of bell breweries to hearted craft beer at two hundred twelve calories for a one hundred ten calorie, Bud Light. Will it make any difference to its sales though, it could there's growing evidence that drinkers just like eaters are getting more health conscious Michelob ultra low calorie beer also from Anheuser Busch. Druids sales by sixteen percent. Twenty eighteen one of only two major beers to do. So the other was Maddelo Mexican beer. Now also owned by Anheuser Busch. Craft beers have been taking more and more of the market, but the health trans even applies to drinkers who prefer that beer which typically runs between two hundred and three hundred calories per bottle and craft brewers are paying attention dogfish head craft brewery, the twelfth largest craft brewer in the nation is releasing a ninety five calorie beer called slightly mighty. I ta made with monk fruit to give it body. So what do you say? Would you cheer on your team with a monk fruit based beer and say celery sticks? Well on Sunday. We'll find out which will win the patriots or the Rams or perhaps a robust frapp beer versus low calorie brew. From wondering this is business wars daily. This week's episodes were written edited and produced by Elaine Appleton grant, they're edited by Emiko Lynn, Jenny lower bagman. Our editor and producer our executive producers marshal Louis created by non Lopez for wondering, I'm David Brown. CNN? This episode of business wars daily is brought to you by central online from Pitney Bowes central online makes it easy to save time and money. No matter what you ship or mail, printing shipping, labels and stamps, right? From your desk with a semi pro software. You can compare shipping rates between carriers plus say forty percent off USPS priority, mail shipping and get five cents off. Every letter. You send our listeners can try it free for thirty days and get a free ten pounds scale. But only by visiting PB dot com slash b w daily. That's PB dot com slash BW daily.

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