Joe Biden Clumsily Attempts to Execute the 'New World Order'


Is clumsily and imprecisely executing on the new world order. Now, when you say that phrase new world order, you're usually called the conspiracy theorist. People say, ah, there's no such thing as the new world order, what do you like? Some sort of rapper where you put it in the song about Illuminati or whatever. Well, the new world order is now a phrase that is being repeated by people who just recently had the world government summit. So you could always count on us on this program to keep eyes on this globalist program coming up in late May, by the way. I believe May 22, May 23, May 24, is Davos two. Is that the World Economic Forum is going to have its official meeting and boy, we're going to be monitoring that very closely on this program. And you know what's interesting is most of the corporate media ignores it. Why? Maybe because they want actually what they're doing, they just don't want to get there as quickly. Well, the world the government summit manages to use the phrase new world order and it's opening in under 30 seconds. Play cut three. And the title of this session. Are we ready for a new world order? Well, that didn't take long. Right into it. Now the question is, are we ready? Joe Biden was supposed to be the guy that was the bridge. The problem and everybody knows this, at least everybody with an Obama and around those circles is that it's hard to execute the new execute the new world order. If you're about to lose, the House representatives in the most historic fashion since 1930. If you're about to get blown out of the water in every state local level, it's going to set back the globalist new world order agenda rather significantly.

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