John O'Neill: Putin's Connection to Stalin


John I want to talk specifically about how do you read him What do you make of him Important to understand his background his grandfather was Stalin's cook and taster His father was an exterminator for the KGB He went behind that army in the Ukraine shooting people in the back of the head So when Putin talks about we need to do NASA the Ukraine he's a chip off the old family blog Putin himself has never been in combat or of any kind But he has been a KGB guy and he's surrounded by a group that calls himself the strong men that are all KGB people he's committed of course completely he's totally indifferent to human beings By way of example it was kind of named saw black who was his mentor He was the mayor of St. Petersburg and he was a reformer After Putin became prime minister they asked Slovak tell us about Putin and he said Putin is the new Stalin and saw back and his two bodyguards all had simultaneous heart attack two days later So I'd like to hide And Putin has been a poisoner and a murderer using literary poisons both inside Russia and outside Russia for the past 20 years And so has announced that units to 6 one 5 5 whose job is assassination Mark

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