There Is So Much Freedom and Peace in Speaking Your Mind


Have you found that when you step across that line when again that fear is there? I don't want to be identified this. I don't want to be called that way. But once you step across that line, step through that barrier, you suddenly realize it's not what they said it was going to be and you find that there is allies on the other side. They're saying, oh, I'm finally glad somebody else stood up and said what is truth. Yes, it's total freedom. I do three podcasts today, three hours of radio a day. Travel in the country always. And I know a lot of other people in media and they work for certain organizations and they're always reaching out like wow Charlie, like you really speak your mind. I say, yeah, because I don't have to report to somebody if I say something wrong. I'm not going to have to, you know, if I say something incorrect, I'll be the first one to apologize to you. But if I say something true and you don't like it, all right, whatever, there's a sense of freedom and a sense of peace that I want for all of you in your life where all of a sudden you do not care about what they could do to you. And that's not to say that you might not be in that situation right now. I understand that. There might be an employer, there might be somebody that might be threatening. But I do not believe that's how God actually wants you to live his life. You know, the story of the Old Testament largely is God giving abundant grace and delivering God's chosen people from tyranny into freedom, even though they didn't deserve

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