Sen. Tim Scott Responds to Janet Yellen's Pro-Abortion Comments



And here is his response cut to go Some of your comments in response to bob's question I found troubling And just from a clarity's sake did you say that ending the life of a child is good for the labor force participation rate Giving someone the let me just quote what you said that ultimately increasing access to abortion and reproductive healthcare allows for our labor force participation rate to continue to increase that denying women access to abortion increases their odds of living in poverty or need for public assistance to the guy who was raised by a single mom who worked long hours to keep us out of poverty I think people can disagree on the issue of being pro life or pro abortion but in the end I think framing it in the context of labor force participation is it just feels calloused to me I think finding a way to have a debate around abortion in a meaning for the economic stability of our country is harsh and I'm just surprised that we find ways to weave into every facet of our lives Such an important and painful reality for so many people to make it sound like it's just another .4% added to our labor force participation as a result of the issue of abortion just to me seems

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