Christopher Phillips: We Did More to Stop Disinformation Than Panel


It's so great to have you You and your friends just showed up at this conference showed a ton of guts The first question I have for you is this disinformation conference which is kind of hilarious because as you just indicated there are some of the main purveyors of disinformation were on the stage How is it that they let you ask a question They usually censor that stuff before you even get the microphone What happened You know it is pretty wild The fact that I was able to ask a question at this event the institute of politics at the University of Chicago is poised as a nonpartisan institute So they do host people from all sides of the political spectrum Of course the conservatives that they bring on are people like Jonah Goldberg who hate Donald Trump and are actually traders to the real Ideology but regardless they are supposed to honor both sides of the debate So we come in and of course I actually had a media path I write for a publication called the Chicago thinker That is the school's premier publication I came in I had a media pass with two of my colleagues to meet a Duffy and Daniel Schmidt We hear Brian stelter talking on and on about how this is the Fox News is the enemy of the people frankly that they are not they're not on our side and that they spread this information constantly as a business and then I come up and I have to say you know honestly CNN is ten times the purveyor of disinformation right And CNN actually presents themselves as objectives So what is the deal with it And frankly they gave the mic to me I was excited because I was actually going to be able to bring some truth to this conference I feel like myself and my colleagues we did more to stop this information than the rest of the people at the conference actually did

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