Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Her Ridiculous Court Case


I'm back with Marjorie Taylor Greene and we were talking about Ukraine and of course we expect zelensky to be Ukraine first. Of course, that's his country, but weirdly we are surprised when people in America are America first. Let's pivot a little bit to the court case that you found yourself. And I mean, absolutely bizarre situation in which it seems like there was an attempt to prevent you running for reelection. I mean, you got was it activist groups? Who is behind this effort to try to block you from running again? For asking about that, this group is called free speech for the people, but they don't believe in free speech because they were trying to rip my name off the ballot silence the speech of voters in my district and not allow them to be able to reelect me and send me back to Congress. This is a group that operates on dark money. They receive their donations from other 5 O ones and foundations. So you can't see who is really donating to them. And they have a few donations that are public, but most for the most part, you only see groups and foundations that donate to them. These people are a group of attorneys from New York and Massachusetts. They have decided to try to attack our elections, especially our elections in Georgia by filing these candidacy qualification challenges, claiming that by the Fourteenth Amendment Fourteenth Amendment, section three that I supposedly waged an insurrection against the United States, which I absolutely did not. I objected to vote against Joe Biden's fraudulent Electoral College votes, dinesh, and I would probably do it again today, and I would proudly do it again tomorrow. And I'm so thankful for your movie 2000 mules because that exposes why I voted to object.

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