Why Is the Upcoming Arizona Senate Race So Important?


Again, it's still just a mixed bag right now as we come through Arizona in the cinema race. Why does this Senate race important? This is a Senate. This is a flip. This is one in which you use. It's a Democrat state that is a vulnerable Democrat seat. They can be used to flip off of this 50 50 majority of the Democrats given the fact that they have the vice presidency. And that is one that you're going to see a lot of money poured into Arizona to try and from the democratic perspective to keep Mark Kelly going. Now, on the, but the Republicans are working very hard to make this not. Happen. It's going to be interesting now that with the latest polling that came out showing rambut in the lead here with over Le Mans and masters, how this negative endorsement from Donald Trump will play. We'll just have to see, as that

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