Who Is YouTuber Sydney Watson?


Look, for those who aren't familiar, this woman, why aren't you familiar with her? She's got almost 800,000 followers on YouTube, Sydney Watson with a wire. You've got to follow her on Twitter as well. But for those crazy people who've been under a rock for a couple of years, I've known you for a couple of years, very impressed with what you do. Tell us in a nutshell, just give us the elevator pitch. What do you do and where do you come from? Sydney? Well, people are seemingly unfamiliar with the fact that I am actually Australian despite my bizarre accent, which I am trying to get back just by the way. I want to sound more like you said than the yanks that are around us. So I'm Australian originally from Australia and YouTube the United States in 2019 to basically pursue politics because Australians are by and large pretty disinterested in politics and kind of just found myself drawn into. I guess a bunch of drama in the last little while with the situation that you're referring to, which was getting screened out effectively by Jack Murphy is a real estate his name on the show is he is. I was going to mention it, but I'm so glad that you decided to mention it first because Jack Murphy is an embarrassment to anybody who has testicles. I'm not sure he does anymore, but we will discuss that. So you left at the antipodes, you came here to be involved in politics. You wanted to speak like me, which I'm sorry most people think I have a South African accent that really annoys me. But what have you been doing for the last three years? And how have you been surviving COVID and tell people about what you do? Because your comment, you are like the long form version as far as I'm concerned, of libs of TikTok and you're not anonymous. Your brave woman who has these amazing films where you react to the insanity of the left. Am I misrepresenting you? Tell us, tell us your mission. We've got 3 million listeners plus the viewers. What is Sydney Watson about? Well, that is a fantastic question. I guess growing up by a bunch of penal colony kind of made me realize that freedom is really important. And I actually have my mom to thank for that viewpoint because she's from Ohio originally and she is just this badass gung Ho woman that really, really cares about preserving what we have in the west and I think that's awesome. And so growing up in that environment, of course I was like, well, I hate people. So what is the easiest thing that I can do that revolves not really revolves around not really interacting with them too much and journalism kind of came to the forefront. And so when I moved to America, I really wanted to pursue being able to bring ideas to people that they might not otherwise have access to in like a fuller

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