Brian Stelter Spins CNN Plus Collaps


Ari, I got to play for you something I played for Ed because I need your reaction to Brian stelter. Poor guy is in this unwinnable city. I like Brian. I've got up the acela with Brian. I like Brian Dunn is shell back in the old days. And you know, he sees a lefty, and he's way left, and his show is biased, and we all know. It's kind of a funny thing. It's like watching the browns, right? We're not going to win with Brian. Here's how he explains CNN plus yesterday. Here at CNN, new ownership decided to shut down the CNN plus streaming service less than a month after it was launched by the previous management team. The U turn was front page news. Stunning news, and painful news for everyone involved. Years of development possibly down the drain, some of the shows may never be seen. Hundreds of staffers may be laid off though the company is trying to place many of them in new jobs. Amid these bruising headlines, folks are trying to make sense of it. And some partisans are leaving to predictable talking points about politics. But the truth is, this was a corporate move.

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