Charlie Kirk Comments on His Twitter Suspension


Charlie Kirk is very busy running turning point USA He's got a fantastic radio show with Salem including on the great WABC's got a top podcast Charlie how are you my friend I'm doing great Mark Thanks so much for having me Honored to be here While I'm very sorry you're suspended from Twitter my friend but I wouldn't have known it because I don't go on Twitter See you're much smarter than I am You're a free man I don't care what they do Go ahead I'm sorry No I'm as free as you are The whole thing's so wild And we got suspended a couple of days ago for a tweet we sent about a week before basically laying out some facts that this Rachel Levine character that has now been The relationship pointed yep and I made sure the pronunciation was completely different Right Just to make sure And I said I used a factual kind of narrative that Levine first name used to be Richard and this is now something called dead naming which you're not allowed to do on Twitter which is to even mention that a trans person had a prior name And so I tweeted that out and it was met with great support from obviously people that live on team reality but then a Twitter decided to they gave you a choice And this is the interesting part mark is that they said okay if you will acknowledge that this tweet was against our rules and you press this red button delete you can get access to your Twitter account And most people would do that without thinking twice And I told our team we're not pushing that button We're not going to do that I did nothing wrong We're not going to play by this Maoist social credit system And Mark you warned against this and American Marxism This is the playbook It's really is

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