Sen. Ted Cruz Is Trying to Learn More About U.S. Biolab in Ukraine


So senator one of your colleagues Marco Rubio had Victoria Nuland up on Capitol Hill yesterday Victoria Nuland has not a lot of credibility with me who was a central figure in the whole spygate Russian collusion fiasco but it was a very concerning exchange yesterday about this what Victoria Nuland called a biological research lab And Ukraine And it appears doing some homework on this that this was a long-term effort with Barack Obama and senator Luger a former colleague of yours To help them build out this bioweapons counter proliferation operation in Ukraine This is really concerning center because there's such a crisis of truth right now in the media You don't know what to believe and what not to believe As a guy who's read in on a lot of these things I understand this things you can and can't say but your thoughts on this Well Dan I agree with you that it is concerning that we had her testimony at the public hearing about a U.S. government facility There in Ukraine that is at risk of being seized by the Russians and that is troubling And at this point I think a number of us in the Senate are focused on learning precisely what was being done at that particular lab I can tell you I don't know the answer to that now I've already directed my team to begin trying to get to the bottom of it And I will tell you getting answers from the Biden administration on just about anything is not easy They stonewall practically anything you ask them But they have not affirmatively told us what was occurring there and so my staff is in the process of trying to find out the answers to

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