Caller: Democrats Are Colludiing With the Media


Sir So Mark what I wanted to talk about is mainly like concern that I had that you see a more and more every day that the Democrats have basically built an infrastructure and they're building upon it that is collusion with the media with culture with big tech with all these companies that it's an infrastructure that's going to be able to derail any single Republican administration in the future And I really hope that on day one Republicans are able to tackle this So what I want to see Mark is number one I want to see the whistleblower testifying in public with every single former member of president Trump's National Security Council and also Adam Schiff's staff that they were colluding with They need to be testifying into the investigated day one Also all these companies that are saying that Republican administrations on the governor level that these states are racist saying that the voter integrity law There's something wrong with that that it's anti minorities in Georgia whether don't see gay Bill in Florida You know what CEOs They need to be brought in front of Congress and just debate What provision specifically do you have a problem with explain and defend your position Because they're effectively blackmailing Republican states and acting as an armored Democrat party And then what's even worse is that look what's happening with James O'Keefe and project veritas The FBI is acting like basically the German Gestapo for Joe Biden right Going after them because of Ashley Biden's diary and all the information coming out from that And then what's even worse today which is broken the last hour and a half They're now exposing text messages of clarence Thomas wife which is outrageous I mean you want to call because Venice to be put a stop to this because of Democrats they're not going to stop They're going to get even worse and worse Now that they know they're going to be losing power And I really hope that day one Republicans they respond in kinds that never allow this behavior to happen Let me

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