A Deep Dive on U.S. Alcohol-Related Deaths in 2020


Alcohol related deaths increased 25% from 2019 to 2020, with alcohol related deaths among adults younger than 65 outnumbering deaths from COVID-19 in the same age group in 2020, a new study finds. Alcohol related deaths including from liver disease and accidents increase to 99,017 in 2020, up from 78,927 a year prior. So let's just say this again, that alcohol related deaths, including liver disease and accidents, nearly a 100,000 people a year die from that, not to mention a 100,000 from drug overdoses. Now, why did alcohol related deaths go up from 78,927 to 99,000? It went up by over 20,000 because you locked down all of society. People are gonna try to find something to do with their time and unfortunately drinking culture prevailed. While 74,408 Americans ages 16 to 64 died of alcohol related causes, 74,075 individuals under 65 diet of COVID-19 to study found. The rate of increase of alcohol related deaths in 2020, 25% was greater than the rate of increase of deaths from all causes. The study shows just another unintended consequence of COVID-19 lockdowns and mitigation measures.

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