The 'Fact-Checkers' of '2000 Mules' Are Out of Their Depth


When I'm seeing sort of two weeks into 2000 mules, a number of critiques in the movie initially, it was just the fact checkers, and the fact checkers clearly were out of their league. They had a very limited understanding of geo tracking and B had a very limited understanding of state laws, which vary on elections and so, for example, they would say things like, well, vote harvesting is legal. Well, no. What harvesting is not legal everywhere. It's legal in some states, and even in states that allow it, the conditions are normally quite restrictive. So my question is for the fact checkers, did you look at the ballot harvesting law in Wisconsin? Did you look at it in Michigan in Pennsylvania? Did you look at the nuances of these laws? No, the answer is no. So the 20 and 30 something fact checkers are kind of in too deep.

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