Abbott Says Agreement Reached to Reopen Michigan Baby Formula Plant


Abbott agrees to FDA oversight of Michigan baby formula plant. Look, they signed a consent decree yesterday to reopen the Michigan Abbott plant. That consent decree could have been signed a month ago, Abbott is strenuously protested from the beginning that their infant formula had nothing to do with the infant death being investigated across the country. The FDA was using at moving at its usual snails pace, its bureaucratic morass, plunging the country into a baby formula crisis that is real. So they got an order. It's pretty easy to surmise here what happened. Ron klain or someone from the president's office called over to the FDA and said, open that plant. And the FDA said, how do we save a little face here? I know we'll do a consent decree that says they can open the plant. And so their plant will be up and it's going to take a while.

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