Dr. Michael Youssef on His Exciting New Book 'Never Give Up'


He has a new book, perfect title for this day and age, it is called never give up. Doctor Michael youssef, welcome back to America first. Thank you so much, doctor gawker, great to be with you. I had such fond memory of my being in your studios, not long ago. Thank you so much for having me. We'll have to get you back into a brand new studios that are debuting today. So right now we are conversing via the amazing possibilities of technology and it's I'm so far so good. Things are working well. So well done everybody and both sides of our my team and your team. You've written 50 plus books past the you surf. Why this one and why this message, please tell our audience. Well, we live in such an amazing time in all my 73 years of life. I have never seen more people turning their back on the Christian faith than in the back on morality turning their back on biblical ethics that it's so depressing and I'm one of those people that I don't just like to curse the darkness, but I like to light a light. And so as I thought about it, what could be greater word of warning encouragement alarm bells than the book of second Timothy, which is the very last words of the apostle Paul brought from the dungeon in Rome which I've been there with my wife and we've seen what a terrible place it was. What he was. And yet he was writing to his disciple Timothy saying, look, his was going to happen. Here's the falsehoods are going to face and you need to stand up and be counted and never, never, never give up. And so that is really the message that I bring, not from me, but from the apostle Paul, but then he goes on in that epistle and says, here's what's going to happen in the last days. The evil ones are going to go from bad to worse and have you ever seen more lying across the land than across the world really the lying has become truth and the truth becomes a lie, darkness is light light as darkness. And so this is the time I want to plead with everybody who loves God, everybody who believes in the biblical morality and biblical truth to stand up and be

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