The Pandemic Is Over


I kid you not, they're still wearing masks outside. It's the strangest environment to go from New York to a place like Las Vegas, which I've done. I'm a Florida resident. It's the craziest wackiest thing to go from Florida to New York. Florida? Occasionally people have a mask on? We should respect that. We don't know what their story is. They want to be careful. Fine. Leave them alone. But you better leave alone the majority of people who say the pandemic is done. And I'm saying it today, I don't give a rat's rear end if I get canceled if they suspend me from YouTube or whatever they do. I don't care. It's over. It's over. And when you see the way Las Vegas and Texas and Florida and South Carolina, when you see normal places where people are interacting without masks, it's because they know we might get this thing? And guess what? It's going to be fine. And do people who live their lives and roll the dice and maybe have a terrible time with COVID and maybe even die. Just like I'm sorry for somebody who dies of cancer, somebody who dies of the flu, it happens, somebody who dies of any disease, my heart goes out to them, but I'm going to declare to you right here and right now, and I feel this way after living normally in Las Vegas for four days or whatever it was three days. The pandemic is done.

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