Brandon Tatum Responds to the Protests at the Homes of SC Justices


Com. We are back with the newest member of the Salem factory faculty. He is officer Brandon Tatum, who will be taking over from Larry elder as a former Leo law enforcement officer, got to play this cut for you from outside justice Alito's home yesterday, play cut. My body. My body. My body. What do I want? So in Virginia law, it's actually a crime to disturb the peace of a private residence. In federal law, it is a crime to try to exert pressure on a judicial proceedings or to intimidate a judge. Nothing happened, even in Virginia, yes, Glenn youngkin, where are you? Nothing happened in D.C.. So as a former law enforcement officer, I got to get your reaction, Brandon. Yeah, it makes my blood boy watching these people act the way they do. It's okay to protest. It's okay to peaceably assemble. But when you are breaking the law, police officers need to hold you accountable. And the funny thing is, is that when this is an attack against a conservative, everybody's cool. They can walk the streets they can threaten people and everything else. When this is against a liberal, they

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