Who Is Ed Rensi, Former President and CEO of McDonald's?


Tell us a little bit about your background Well I started I was in college at Ohio State university I was going to be a school teacher and I got a degree in business education I went to work for McDonald's because I needed a job and I was making about 85 cents an hour And I kept getting raises and working hard and I just woke up one day and I was a presidency on McDonald's to this day I'm so amazed that I was able to do that but it was a company that was led by visionaries Ray Kroc Fred Turner Jerry Newman and great people that really focused on customer service and elevating everybody I mean you know I was a burger flipper making minimum wage and all of a sudden I was successful And it's a wonderful journey and I am so proud of it I actually had lunch today or breakfast with a former employee of mine and now earns 25 McDonald's restaurants Kim just a beautiful man And you know there's so many great stories in McDonald's about entrepreneurs who became successful because it became franchisees Ricky wade over at Fort Lauderdale my goodness He's got 30 some restaurants He's an African American man customers beautiful employees I mean he's just an angel of a businessman's focused on the community Said the McDonald's story is not about the executives It's always about the franchisees and their commitment to community Boy you should still be the CEO over there From what I'm hearing Now Friends Running that company I'm old school Yeah me too

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