Biden Tiptoes Around the Politics of Student Loan Forgiveness


Josh is where you find him, Josh. Got to ask you for the political read of forgiveness of student debt. I'm going to spend a lot of time on it this week. I did my first couple of segments where I took callers. Nobody calls in who wants student debt forgiven, but there are 40 million people who owe student debt. What are the politics of that in your view? The White House is playing to a college educated affluent or much of the affluent, but upper middle class life of the electorate, they're based. They called Elizabeth Warren coalition, but it could come at the expense of a lot of folks who didn't go to college or have already paid their college debt off and see this as a handout to fairly upper middle class Americans. I think they're so desperate this White House to find out any way to excite a base. They're not only losing among independents and all the polling polling around 30% among independents, but they're also not exciting the core progressives that voted for him would Biden vote for Democrats in 2020. So this is sort of a Hail Mary pass, a Hail Mary idea, try to figure out a way to get young people to the polls to get them back into the democratic fold.

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