Scott MacFarlane Is the Only One Covering Jan. 6 'Not Guilty' Verdict


Again, in D.C., Scott McFarland, joining Tanya rivero and Meg Oliver with the reporting over this Matthew Martin defendant from New Mexico found not guilty yesterday on all January 6th charges. We have breaking news, Matthew Martin of New Mexico has been acquitted of all charges connected to the January 6th riot. That's right, Martin traveled to Washington, D.C. after reading then president Trump's tweets about the 2020 election being stolen. He came to the protest on January 6th and entered the capitol with a crowd of other people. Martin has stated that he only realized later that the protests were worse than he thought during his trial, he claimed officers waved him into the capitol building, a prosecutor called this quote nonsense. Joining us now is CBS News, congressional correspondent Scott mcfarlane, Scott, welcome. So tell us about the verdict for Matthew Martin and its significance for other cases. Hey Tonya and Meg, this is not the most significant case. It's a lower level case, a misdemeanor case, but this ruling, this verdict could be quite significant. It lays down a marker that not everybody here unlawfully in the capitol was deemed unlawful that day by all judges. The judge has found this defendant Matthew Martin not guilty of four charges, entering a restricted area, two charges of civil disorder and unlawful picketing and parading. The judge says the government didn't make its case sufficiently on any of those charges. What the judge cited is what Matthew Martin didn't do on January 6th. The judge says, according to the evidence shown at trial, Matthew Martin wasn't screaming or shouting, wasn't crowding people. He was here. He was amid the mob, but the judge says he was not an impactful member of the mob.

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