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AP AP AP AP sports sports sports sports I'm I'm I'm I'm sure sure sure sure the the the the Boston Boston Boston Boston Celtics Celtics Celtics Celtics made made made made quick quick quick quick work work work work of of of of the the the the Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn nets nets nets nets and and and and are are are are moving moving moving moving on on on on to to to to the the the the second second second second round round round round of of of of the the the the NBA NBA NBA NBA playoffs playoffs playoffs playoffs the the the the Celtics Celtics Celtics Celtics down down down down the the the the nets nets nets nets one one one one sixteen sixteen sixteen sixteen one one one one twelve twelve twelve twelve Jayson Jayson Jayson Jayson Tatum Tatum Tatum Tatum had had had had twenty twenty twenty twenty nine nine nine nine for for for for the the the the second second second second seeded seeded seeded seeded cells cells cells cells with with with with very very very very little little little little trouble trouble trouble trouble in in in in winning winning winning winning the the the the series series series series in in in in four four four four straight straight straight straight games games games games visibility visibility visibility visibility one one one one down down down down seventeen seventeen seventeen seventeen games games games games to to to to you you you know know know five five five point point point game game game with with with eight eight eight minutes minutes minutes left left left in in in game game game three three three and and and then then then it it it will will will come come come out out out for for for tonight tonight tonight any any any idea idea idea Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia rolling rolling rolling to to to a a a four four four game game game sweep sweep sweep has has has been been been answered answered answered in in in the the the last last last two two two games games games both both both victories victories victories by by by Toronto Toronto Toronto to to to stay stay stay alive alive alive the the the raptors raptors raptors handle handle handle the the the Sixers Sixers Sixers in in in Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia one one one oh oh oh three three three eighty eighty eighty eight eight eight Michael Michael Michael won't won't won't go go go reports reports reports up up up by by by two two two at at at the the the start start start of of of the the the second second second quarter quarter quarter trauma trauma trauma took took took control control control with with with a a a twelve twelve twelve nothing nothing nothing run run run that that that was was was capped capped capped by by by a a a basket basket basket by by by Pascal Pascal Pascal Siakam Siakam Siakam SIAC SIAC SIAC had had had a a a game game game high high high twenty twenty twenty three three three points points points for for for the the the raptors raptors raptors will will will look look look even even even this this this best best best of of of seven seven seven series series series at at at three three three games games games apiece apiece apiece with with with the the the game game game six six six win win win Thursday Thursday Thursday night night night Michael Michael Michael Luongo Luongo Luongo Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Dallas Dallas Dallas defended defended defended its its its home home home court court court took took took a a a three three three two two two series series series lead lead lead with with with a a a one one one oh oh oh two two two seventy seventy seventy seven seven seven win win win over over over Utah Utah Utah look look look at at at dodges dodges dodges had had had thirty thirty thirty three three three in in in baseball baseball baseball probably probably probably shuts shuts shuts tie tie tie breaking breaking breaking grand grand grand slam slam slam in in in the the the eighth eighth eighth inning inning inning powered powered powered to to to rattle rattle rattle to to to a a a six six six two two two win win win over over over Boston Boston Boston it's it's it's a a a nice nice nice I I I mean mean mean I I I just just just kinda kinda kinda knew knew knew they they they don't don't don't wanna wanna wanna face face face value value value so so so with with with one one one out out out trying trying trying to to to get get get a a a ground ground ground ball ball ball so so so I I I made made made sure sure sure that that that I I I was was was looking looking looking for for for a a a sink sink sink or or or try try try to to to get get get in in in there there there San San San Francisco Francisco Francisco use use use Luis Luis Luis Gonzalez's Gonzalez's Gonzalez's first first first career career career home home home run run run a a a two two two run run run shot shot shot of of of the the the night night night to to to beat beat beat Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee for for for two two two New New New York York York Mets Mets Mets over over over Saint Saint Saint Louis Louis Louis five five five to to to Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia become become become the the the product product product key key key to to to to to to Texas Texas Texas down down down Houston Houston Houston six six six to to to the the the LA LA LA angels angels angels over over over Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland three three three nothing nothing nothing Taylor Taylor Taylor ward ward ward homered homered homered twice twice twice for for for the the the angels angels angels and and and the the the only only only Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers got got got by by by Arizona Arizona Arizona for for for nothing nothing nothing one one one game game game in in in the the the NHL NHL NHL Chicago Chicago Chicago over over over Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia three three three one one one NFL NFL NFL San San San Francisco Francisco Francisco GM GM GM John John John Lynch Lynch Lynch says says says he's he's he's confident confident confident that that that he he he can can can work work work out out out a a a long long long term term term contract contract contract with with with wide wide wide receiver receiver receiver Deebo Deebo Deebo Samuel Samuel Samuel after after after Samuel Samuel Samuel requested requested requested a a a trade trade trade according according according to to to ESPN ESPN ESPN I'm I'm I'm Chuck Chuck Chuck Freeman Freeman Freeman AP AP AP sports sports sports

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