What a Disappointment Rep. Peter Meijer Turned Out to Be


Couple summers ago and turning point action was starting a series of super Saturdays, turning point action did a series of door knocking, campaigns across America, organized by the great Tyler Boyer and the whole turning point action team separate from the educational ventures of turning point USA. So I remember I was in Chicago and I drove to Grand Rapids, Michigan. That's not an easy drive for those of you that have done it throughout the night because the next morning we are starting our door knocking for a certain candidate in western Michigan. I got up very early and rally the troops and told everybody that in western Michigan, we need to put our forces together to go get a certain person elected by the name of Peter Meyer. Now mind you, I don't know why we endorsed Peter Meyer largely because I thought it was a flip district or something like that, a way to kind of gain ground. But what an incredible disappointment and let down. Peter Meyer in western Michigan has become. He has become a camera seeking attention grabbing self righteous congressman who voted for the impeachment of Donald Trump was like one of the first things he did right out of the gate. He sprints to try to go on cable television at every single corner imaginable. And he's someone I have very little respect for. And he's got to go and he's got to go right now. And there is a great candidate running

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