Why Are Sexual Assault Allegations Coming Out Against Elon Musk Now?


The question from Mark from Alaska is Charlie, you did see the Elon Musk news about the Business Insider report. What do you think? So I don't know the details of the story. It alleges sexual harassment by Elon Musk. But we know why this is happening. Let me ask you a question. If Elon Musk had announced that he was going to donate a $1 billion over the next decade to the Democrat party. Do you think that there would be a Business Insider piece against him? If Elon Musk came out and said that he was going to put all of his profits for transgender puberty blocker surgery. Do you think that he would be attacked? If Elon Musk came out and said, I'm not going to buy Twitter. I'm forget that. And said that instead he is going to try to invest money in diverse and black and LGBTQ creators. Do you think that there would be a full court press against him of course not? Elon is learning. Now he's unbelievably smart. He's brilliant. He's a great entrepreneur. But I don't think Elon quite understands how malevolent and how nasty these people are. You see, Elon has been operating in a completely different game. Elon is used to opposition and he's used to a fight. But the fights that Elon have been in have been largely fair fights, but difficult fights, but they've been kind of how the world used to work. Can't make payroll have to take out a second mortgage on your house. You know, really leverage up, go raise outside money, bring Tesla back from the oblivion. Those are tough. Fighting government regulators, those are tough. What Elon has not experienced and what he is now front and center in is a political attack. Political attack is not rational. It's not a fair fight. They'll try to destroy you at every possible opening.

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