Trans Wokeness Has Created a Hostile Environment for Women


Girls rise up, don't tolerate this woke mind virus bullshit. Leave a comment as William Thomas. He's a man, he's not a woman, never will be, never had a period, they're at a baby. They had menopause. He's not a woman. Unfortunately, the walk universities out there, and the government have created a hostile environment for women to object, you can't object to these abusive demeaning condescending undermining and just flat out disrespectful behaviors. And because of that, you're now being threatened by loss of opportunity, loss of scholarships, loss of status, loss of advancement is a big civil rights issue, man. William Thomas is a dangerous sociopath, we got to start making it clear since all the nut job lefties is so confused biological male is not equal women, period, end of discussion. If they feel like playing dress up, I ain't go ahead. I don't care. You want people to call and she and her, they, whatever the hell, go ahead, do what you like. I'm not going to follow that lead. But biological man wants to compete in a woman's sport. No. We got to draw the line somewhere. Not going to happen.

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