Nancy Pelosi's Husband Charged With DUI in California


House speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband, you know, he was charged with a DUI. Last month or so, causing injury and he could face jail time for alleged drunk driving at the end of May. 82 year old Paul Pelosi, driving his car, just got hit with new charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury and driving with a .08 percentage blood alcohol level or higher causing injury. This is so great. You know, first, we were told there's no mug shot. No, they didn't, there's no mug shot. They don't take monk shanks up in Napa Valley. But there is a mug shot. And now we see it all the time. And then we were told, after the accident, a sheriff swung by and by the way, it wasn't a fender bender. This was a situation where both cars were totaled. No car could leave the scene. Totaled. Sheriff drops by. You guys okay? Everybody okay? Okay, I gotta go. This is not my jurisdiction. That doesn't seem like it would happen, does it? Just use your, you should noggin. It's not what that's not what people in the legal world do. That's not what people in the policing world do. They don't leave. And finally, shocker, there was a witness renowned learning. And I don't think this witness was somebody walking the dark lonely country roads at an off hour like Jussie Smollett's attackers in Chicago holding a noose and bleach. I don't think this person was walking the streets alone at that hour. I believe she was in Pelosi's car. And we shall

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