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Welcome to Sonya's podcast. So recently I had went on a trip, you know, this was a family, this is my baby boys graduation, so I have went to his graduation. It was either fly or take the bus. So I decided to take the bus because one, I need to sleep, 'cause I took a trip to flight ten hour trip one time. And I don't sleep on the plane. Never, never sleeps on the plane, but when I'm on a bus, I'm okay, I'm comfortable, I sleep on the bus. So I get on it. I get up into Manhattan. To get on the bus. So the man to bus driver was like, he's going to be loaded in 15 minutes. So I was like, okay. So. A Spanish lady, she had asked him, you know, she was trying to find another bus. But she must be good English. So I translated for her to tell him that she's looking to find a bus to Boston. Because he was yelling at her. He's like, what? What? What? So do anybody know what she's saying? So I asked her, I said, you know, so she was she explained to me that she was going to she needed to get the bus to Boston. So I told him, I said, she needs to get to bus to the Boston. He's like, oh, tell her, it's over there. So I was like, um, I told her in Spanish, you know, the Boston. She thanked me. You know, I told her she's welcome. So now I'm like 15 minutes on board in the bus. So he's like, get off my bus. So I was like, you said, like I said, get off my bus. So I record him to show how such an asshole he was. And. Okay. I don't know what is wrong with y'all, man. I really don't. I want to say some nasty things on here about that man, but I choose not to. One earlier that day, another girl had was looking for the another bus and I don't know if it was him or someone else. She talked, she was talking to she says, why are African American men just so disrespectful? I'm going to clear this up. Or African American men are not disrespectful. Some of them are, especially the southern men, the southern men, ladies, I'm telling you. They are, they still open doors, they still hold cheers out, they are very, very sweet. So I said that to him, I said, you know, it's funny. I was like, you don't know how to talk to a lady. I was like, you're very, you're very ignorant and disrespectful. You know, you know, I said earlier a lady had asked me why does African American men it's so disrespectful. I was like, and you're one of them. So he goes and tell another bus driver, which is a late dog. He closed the door, so another bus driver. I will talk about her, but not on this episode. She needs help on so she was so sweet, so pleasant, so he goes and tell her 'cause she goes to him, she asked me, she said, what's wrong? I was like, he just very disrespectful. I said, now, may you both heard him when he said 15 minutes, she said, yes, I said, now he's over here, talk about get off his bus. So I'm gonna go speak to him. He goes and tells her that I'm a bitch. And I was recording him. So she come back and she said, I told him you're not a bitch. You're very nice from what I spoke to you. So he was like, oh, he tells her that he don't care if I get there and I see. No, he said, see if she gets there. So the nice other bus driver, which was a lady, she actually took me, she took me halfway there, then I had to transfer to get another bus to go to where I actually was going. But like I said, I'll talk about her because she is so that lady was so nice and so sweet. So I showed her, I said, now look, that man is asked to have a question. Is he her high, he's so respectful with him, but with us as women he's very disrespectful. He, you know, just nasty, like I said, I don't know what it is. Always coming from. But you starting to make us as women think. Like I said, I would say some nasty derogatory things about that man on here, but like I said, I'm not going to give him my energy. He just lucky that I'm a change person and I just was like, you know what? Ignorance and stupidity when people act like that. Sometimes as I got older, I learned to just walk away. Younger, no, but I never did that. But I learned to just like, why should I give this ignorance stupid man all my energy. Just to make his day? 'cause I don't know if he needs something to make his day. But thinking, thank y'all people. Oh, I'm gonna tell y'all so many stories about just on that trip. Like, I met so many people on that trip and certain things that triggered other actually triggered other stories that I went through long time ago on trips like that. But I'll be talking about it. And I like to thank you for listening to my podcast. Please give it a 5 star review on speakers, Spotify. I heart radio ink is ready to see if I can say please share it. Please go to my website, HTTP dot dot slash. Podcast is dot com where I press dot com. If you'd like to leave a comment, you can leave a comment. I did this podcast at SV 7 6 6 7 5 two at Gmail dot com. I will be posting that video of him on my social media so you can see how ignorant he is. What else? Oh. Please go to my son. Instagram. I'm losing train of thought. When y'all hear me saying I'm a lot, that's because I'm kind of losing train of thought. Please go to my son Instagram at conquest and party 2020. You can follow me at esso and I aced last 7 9 5 Instagram. I'm saying Santiago Twitter, science Santiago Facebook, Sonya Santiago, YouTube, sunny Santiago Pinterest, and thank you to have a blessed night.

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