Alec Baldwin Kills a Cinematographer on Set


We got to talk about Alec Baldwin. The tragedy of killing a cinematographer on this set of a movie called rust in New Mexico. How weird. How weird that on yesterday's Patreon. I ended the show by saying, and this was before the news had happened. I ended the show by saying, you know what? I want to do some shows next week on John Eric hexum and Brandon Lee, two actors who had killed on set with prop guns. I wish you would Patreon so you could have heard that. So eerie, I'll get those shows to you guys next week. But for now, we've got to try and figure out and make sense. What the hell happened was Baldwin? The Santa Fe sheriff's department confirmed that Thursday night, Alec Baldwin discharged the prop gun that killed the cinematographer, halyna Hutchins and injured the director Joel Souza on the set of this big western feature film on location in New Mexico. Hutchins was 42 years old. She died being transported to the hospital in Albuquerque. Sus 48 remains in a local hospital and his condition is going to be fine. It's unknown, but he ain't gonna die. And of course, they're saying mister Baldwin was questioned by investigators and released no arrests or charges have been filed. We've seen pictures of him and I'm sure you haven't been crying on cell phones bent over distraught. I'm not trying to make light of this. This is horrible. This is horrifying. I love Alec Baldwin as an actor. I hate his politics, but I love him as an

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