Ryan Girdusky: The Reason to Start 1776 Project Pac


The problem as well Having run for office myself and having lost it was a great experience because you're right when you don't have a competitive primary for say president governor or senator on the Republican side And we don't have one for Ron DeSantis which is a good thing He's a great governor We don't want him to waste assets in a silly primary but the downside Ryan you're not getting the mailers You're not seeing the TV commercials So a lot of people you know they live busy lives They're going to take their kids to soccer games I got to go to work get food on the table They're just not seeing it like the Democrats are who have a competitive primary for governor So it's our responsibility to go to the county board of elections blank county whatever you live in Martin county where I live doesn't matter Fill it in put in board of elections It's your responsibility isn't it to know when these primaries are and how to vote Yeah no it's so it's so essential And it's one of these elections Everyone really cares about the sexy politics They want to know about the governor the president of the senator And even like donors I mean talking to donors constantly about these elections are like well I'm making sure we win X Y or Z congressional or Senate seat And I'm like that's fine But the amount of effort just to put in just to get that extra little number of Republicans and conservatives over the line for school board is so much lower but it's so much harder at the same time The reason that I started my pack last year and last year we did 58 school board elections I've never started a super PAC by myself before We did 58 elections I mean one 42 of them And the reason we won 42 is because my entire focus in such an off off year cycle was to sit there and just increase Republican turnout for maybe 10% to 13% And because Democrats honestly a lot of more voting either that was enough to win in places like Montgomery county Pennsylvania which voted for Hillary Biden Obama very liberal place We won 6 of our 8 school board

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