Jeff James: The Benefit of Reconfiguring a School Lobby


Great Something as simple as configuring your lobby so that you have a captured entrance So if somebody gets through that first door say the person who's giving admittance is the secretary right Somebody pushes the button and says hey I'm here to pick up my kid They come through that first door And at that point the secretary sees something untoward That way they're trapped in there They would need to be granted access through that second door before they could gain entry to the building And look they can shoot through the glass and walk through like Lanza did it at sandy hook But what that does is buy some time And the other thing I advocate in all schools I coordinate security with is anyone in your school district should be able to call a lockdown I don't care if it's a maintenance guy if it's a secretary if it's a superintendent They should have a mechanism in place where if your maintenance guy sees a guy walking across your parking lot with a rifle he should be able to hit a button on his phone or get to a hard button or something and let everybody know to lock down right now Because if that secretary sees it but she has no mechanism to fix the problem then it's still that it's still a failure So yeah there are some cost low cost solutions that are sustainable that can be put in place And look you get it We talked about armored glasses heavy and it's hard and it's extremely expensive but it doesn't need to be all that There are other mitigations you could other things you could put in place that are almost cost free And the biggest one is training And you've heard me hit this button before It has to be a consistent constant thing that you're doing in your district several times a year to train your people to say not only this is what we're looking for if we see a guy with a gun But this is what we're looking for in behaviors Now people don't just snap In every one of these school shootings what always comes out their social media that they glorified Hitler that they glorified Columbine There is a clear pattern of behavior that leads people to the path toward violence that if you know what you're looking for it's easy to see

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