Go Download & Distribute 'Averting Targeted School Violence' Report


The blue House in Korea Did you ever notice when he goes in a hotel They drive on the ground and everything's tended now Why do you think that is Why is it tenant Why after hinckley shot Reagan Why did we tent our arrivals on departures Because ladies and gentlemen it's damn hard to shoot when you can't see And the Secret Service had a problem to fix Not a vote to get So they did the same thing and they looked at a bunch of school shootings Now I can't encourage you and strong enough terms to go and download this report It's short some very long printed and handed out to every member of your school if they don't already have it It's called averting targeted school violence a U.S. Secret Service analysis of plots against schools I can almost guarantee you many people in your school haven't read it If you want the link to it get ready write this down I'll say it twice It's in my newsletter today It's on my website and it's in the podcast show notes If you want to subscribe to the newsletter it's not cost any money I don't really care if you want to or not whatever It's at bongino dot com Slash newsletter But if you just go to my website Bon Gino dot com and you click on today's podcast episode where I address this exact stuff the link is right there

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