Devin Nunes Is Now the CEO of the Trump Media and Technology Group


The left, the oligarchs of Palo Alto of tech valley said. Well, if you don't like Twitter, if you don't like Facebook, go and build something else. Well, guess what? President Trump, my former boss, your current boss said, okay, it is truth social my account is blowing up. I've got two, 3000 new followers every day at said go cron truth social super excited. If you look at engagement numbers, it's completely incomparable to Twitter. Let's talk about this sector that you're in charge of now for the Trump media and technology group. And the deal, it looks like somebody's going to try and clean up Twitter if he can, but now that we found out this deal from Elon Musk is stalled because of the question of fake accounts and bought accounts and that incredible news that seems to have sunk without a trace Devon last week, an independent corporation found that out of the 22 million followers on Biden's Twitter account half of them 11 million were bots. How is that possible? Well, look, it's kind of what I've been saying. And you know, I kind of walked into this, you know, I wrote about I wrote about this in my book countdown to socialism that I think we've talked about many times on your show. You were back in. I wrote the book and it was finished in July of 2020. And I was talking then in that book, essentially how you've got the fake news and then it funnels down into these social media tech tyrants and it's poisoning the American public. And that we were essentially, we had no ability to communicate. And at that point, I was one of the first members of Congress I was the first to go to go to rumble, which is a YouTube alternative. I also went to parler at the time before Bezos and the tech tyrants shut them down. So I watched what happened with just my engagement early on where I just, you know, boom, boom, boom, boom boom, just kept climbing and followers. So when president Trump, he didn't need a new company. I didn't need a new job. I was perfectly happy. Being in the Congress representing my constituents in California, but because of my knowledge of this and my concern for the American people, you know, I really had no option when Donald Trump asked me to do this job

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