Kellyanne Conway on Her New Book 'Here's the Deal'


Welcome back, America. Why am I playing blueberry hill for Kellyanne Conway, whose new memoir here is the deal is the bestseller everywhere in America. I hope you saw her in the view this week. I hope you are reading Kellyanne Conway's here. The deal. She's friends with Frank luntz as I am. So she knows the lunch rule that you've got to save the title of a book 7 times to make the book memorable. So I've said, here's the deal three times Kellyanne. Now I'm going to turn it over to you. I like Kellyanne one stuff. A lot more than Kellyanne two stuff, 'cause I didn't know much of Kellyanne. One stuff, but it's all there and here's the deal. Congratulations. Oh, thank you so much, Hugh. It's been a labor of love to write this memoir. Even though I'm 55, hopefully I have decades of life ahead of me. People are always asking me about the story behind the story. And I think in many ways I've had unique opportunities, crazy wild dramas and traumas, but it's really just everybody's American Dream story raised by a single mom very modestly for Italian women in the household never a political conversation I can recall, but raised to be a conservative because they were all hardworking small business owners believed in faith and family and freedom. We had military and veterans in our family union members in our family, obviously. So it's been a great journey. And you've been a part of that. We started on this radio show in 2000. My goodness, and you would have me on for a weekly segment on polling, which I think is still the grossly misunderstood. Oh, well, that was.

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