With the Country Reeling, We Need Less Politics and More Solutions


A devastating devastating news out of Texas. 19 children killed two teachers killed all in the same classroom. I mean, I get a little bit sick every time I think about this and I wish I wasn't here talking to you about this today. But I think that it's important we do. And it's important the nation have a conversation that's real in terms of what solutions can be offered. I get it, you know, both sides are going to go all in for the politics of this. You've got one side saying guns need to be outlawed. We need no more guns. That's going to be the solution to all of it. Well, they're wrong. And then the other side saying, we just need to arm everybody. You know, and then everything will be fine. Well, they're wrong too. All right? And so I, for once, would like to see some seriousness from our leadership in Washington from the president of the United States for goodness sakes. Who could take measures to address this heck, he's got Congress, or he's got the house, and he'd have the Senate on this one because Joe Manchin has been very much about finding realistic solutions that still protect our Second Amendment. We have a Second Amendment, okay? We're not going to throw out the constitution. So let's work within the frames of the constitution to find solutions that work. We have it's very clear a mental health problem in this country, which I believe, and if you've been watching some of these shows, including my discussion with senator Marshall Blackburn out of Tennessee just last week, I believe that big tech has been instrumental in actually making much

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