John Ondrasik Wants a Live Aid-Type Concert, Tell Russia They're Alone


Well look you tell me when appeasement works in history and it will be the first time And I think there's a reason I put Winston Churchill in this video and thank you for the phone call and directing me to some great footage about that shot that we used And yeah it's very similar And I think like Churchill I think zelensky is trying to drag the rest of us to the right side of history but right now the prognosis is not great And you know that you talk about that every day on your show Russia is now basically controls 20% of Ukraine And if there's not a dynamic change they're probably going to lose the war And that's what this song is and that's what this video particularly is with this orchestra It's a cultural salvo Look Russia has been economically isolated politically isolated But the Russian people need to understand that they are cultural pariahs They have been told they're the heroes in this but I'm calling for a Live Aid type concert with all the biggest bands in the world You have Live Aid yet some city to let the Russian people know that they are alone in this And they have a choice They can topple this tyrant or go down in history on the dark side So we have to as artists we have to stand up for freedom We have to stand up for liberty We have to stand up for Ukraine because as you said we're an inflection point in history And if Ukraine goes backwards I don't know I don't know what the next 50 years look like but it's not good

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