'United We Pledge' Is Recreating an American Village in Alabama


Now, I want to ask you, so you're saying that united we pledge already has something called the American village in montevallo, Alabama, because I had not heard about this till today. No, no, what I'm saying is that Montebello Alabama is an American village. And the united we pledge has partnered with a company called balance of nature and they've procured about 40 acres of land in Utah that they're going to recreate an American village there. That's what I'm saying. So there is an American village in Alabama already. Yes. But I had not heard about this. I want to go to montevallo, Alabama now that I've literally not heard about this. And you should. I hadn't heard about it either until they brought it up, and then when they brought it up to me and they came up with this idea of me running from Montevideo Alabama to saint George, you don't have to break around for this thing. You know, I think that we have a whole mind body, right? You have your gut, you have your heart, you have your head, and all three have brain cells. My gut just goes, go for it. My heart was like, oh, you gotta do this. You know? And then my mind just said, yeah, it's a resounding yes. This is the right time, the right place, and the right thing. So then when I visited montevallo, Alabama and saw with my own two eyes, the impact that this American village had with these kids, it was just like, oh man, let's get going.

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