Why Would a Police Chase Be Considered Criminal


On Tuesday, prosecutors charged taishan browning, 19, with attempted murder and 5 counts of robbery, in connection with early shooting and four other holdups. Police believe the crew responsible for robbing the BMW's owner and early may have robbed 20 people on the north side since May 4th. Most of those occurred after police ended their pursuit. Of the BMW. So a veteran Chicago police officer said it's easy to count the bad things that happen when pursuits go wrong. There's no way to count the bad things that happen because of violent person. Wasn't pursued. So they have a document emergency vehicle operations eluding and pursuing. The document explains everything a Chicago cop must know and consider when deciding if they should pursue a vehicle. It's 13 pages long. Is a 13 page guide on whether you pursue a guy who is eluding the police.

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